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Chipotle Gift Card

Almost all the food lovers know about Chipotle because the company makes tasty and mouth-watering fast food, which is much better than normal fast food. The chipotle fast-food chain is highly popular in many countries due to its quality and delicious foods including tacos, burritos, and much more. To attract customers as well as showing their gratefulness, they provide numerous different paid and free Chipotle gift cards and rewards every year. Through the available chipotle gift card balance, users can avail great discounts and amazing rate cutters. It also gives you a chance to taste some delicious food items. Are you a new user to Chipotle gift card? Do you wish to know much about this card? Then, you are in the right place because it gives you all the required details.

Chipotle Gift Card

Get Chipotle free gift card

One of the ideal gifts for your dear ones on their special occasions is the Chipotle gift card. You can give this card to your children, employees, and clients to make them feel happy. Since these cards come with the personalized design, you can print the name of the cardholders. It is actually working like the prepaid card and therefore you can update the balance whenever you make a purchase as well as check chipotle gift card balance before shopping anything.

To get a free gift card, you need to visit the official site of the Chipotle i.e. and go to the gift card section. Then, try to follow the steps or instructions mentioned on the website to get your e-gift card or physical card. If it is e-gift card, then send the card through email to your beloved one and make them enjoy the food of their choice.

Activate your chipotle gift card

It does not matter, whether you get paid or free gift card, it is necessary to register and activate the card to enjoy its benefits completely. Keep in mind that you can able to redeem the balance of your card either at the retail outlets or online shops of the Chipotle after activation only. To do registration, you must create an account for you at the official site of the Chipotle.

You have to input the required details properly to avoid hassles. As soon as you open the account, you get an email, which helps you to activate the card. If you are facing any hassle in performing these steps, then contact the customer support number of the Chipotle. The experienced representative will help you in all ways to make most of the gift cards.

Importance of checking gift card balance

Have you ever thought about why people talking much about checking  chipotle gift card balance beforehand? If yes, then look at the below section.

  • Checking the card balance in advance frees you from several hassles such as shopping for more than what you have in hand
  • It helps you to make food shopping within the amount you have on the card. It means you are saved from overspending
  • It gives some space to decide whether using the balance now is beneficial or not. Additionally, you can enjoy the benefits of shopping without having cash in hand and worrying about its safety.
  • You can throw a surprise party or treat your loved one and friends after knowing the available balance on your card.

Procedure to check Chipotle gift card balance

When it comes to finding the chipotle gift card balance, you will have three options – by phone, using the mobile app, and checking online, which makes you know the available amount in your card easily and quickly. Let’s see every method in detail for your understanding and go with the best option to make everything perfect.

  • By phone

It is one of the most obvious methods used by the consumers to check their gift card balance. To make a phone inquiry, you need call the customer support number of the Chipotle. The representative will pick up the call and ask you some details regarding your card such as number to fulfill your request. Within few seconds, they tell you about your card current status. Ensure your device has enough balance to make a call.

  • By mobile app

If you want to check the balance as per your convenience, then you can download the company’s respective applications from the App Store or Google Play based on your mobile. After installing the application, launch the app and log in to your account. Now, you can check your gift card’s current status. Using your e-mail id, you can even check your gift card balance. To use this method, you need a device with a good internet connection.

  • By official website

If you decide to check the chipotle gift card balance online, then you should have the 16-digit gift card number, mobile number, and e-mail ID. Before that, you need to open an account on the official website of the Chipotle. Using the login credentials, get into the website and click on the site main page. Then, go to the gift card section where you need to choose “check gift card balance” and press go button. Now, you are required to enter 16digit card number, mobile number, email address. Check the credentials you entered appropriate and check the captcha box before pressing check balance button. Within a few seconds, your Chipotle gift card balance will appear on the device screen.

By official website


Apart from these ways, another alternative method is there to find out your available gift card balance. It is nothing but going and inquiring nearest Chipotle branch in person with your gift card. The person available in the shop gives you necessary assistance. In a short time, they find and tell your card balance but you should have patience.

Bottom line

The above article is extremely beneficial for those food lovers who wish to enjoy lip-smacking food all the time. Getting the Chipotle gift card is easier but making use of them properly is quite hassles. You should plan ahead and use the card to enjoy unlimited benefits. Whenever you make a purchase, it will be added to your card. You can redeem the amount whenever you want but checking the balance often is necessary to avoid embarrassing situations. The above section clearly tells you different ways to check the balance. Utilize them and find your card balance beforehand.

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