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Rite Aid store survey 2021 is a great opportunity for anyone to get cash prizes from the brand. If you are a regular customer of Rite Aid stores, or if you have a Rite Aid store nearby your current location, then participating in the latest Rite Aid survey can really help you in making some free purchases at their stores.

If you’ve just heard about the Rite Aid store survey and have no idea about its details or what the Rite Aid store survey 2021 really is, then today we are here with a detailed article bringing you all the insights you need to have about the survey offer.

About Rite Aid

Rite Aid stores are a part of Rite Aid Corporation, which is a company operating drugstore chains across the United States.

The company was founded back in 1962 and there are currently over 2,400 stores throughout the United States employing over 50,000 people across all branches and generating a collective revenue of over $21 billion.

What is the Rite Aid Store Survey?

So, what exactly is the Rite Aid store survey?

Well, it is basically a survey like any other.

The objective of a survey is to collect user data and feedback about a particular topic. In this case, the Rite Aid store survey is focused on collecting data concerning user experience, reviews, and feedback about the Rite Aid stores across the U.S.

In the Rite Aid store survey, the people being surveyed will be asked questions that will enquire about their views on the current product catalogue that is offered by the pharmacy chain, the experience the customer had while visiting the store, the attitude of the Rite Aid employees towards the customer(s), as well as any other feedback or suggestion that can help the Rite Aid team improve their product offerings and customer satisfaction.

As a reward for the customer spending their time participating in the Rite Aid store survey, the company is offering $100 to the customer.

What is the Prize for Rite Aid Store Survey?

So, what are the Rite Aid store survey prizes?

In fact, the first grand prize winner will receive a cash check for $1000.

Another 10 first prize winners will also be selected, and those winners will be rewarded with $100 checks.

Are You Eligible for Rite Aid Store Survey [Rite Aid Survey Eligibility]?

There are a few eligibility criteria that you need to meet before attempting the Rite Aid store survey in 2021.

Below we have listed out the eligibility criteria that anyone wishing to take the Rite Aid store survey must adhere to.

  1. The person taking the survey must be 18 years or older.
  2. Anyone taking the Rite Aid survey must also be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  3. The person attempting the survey must have a purchase receipt from a Rite Aid store that is no older than 7 days from the date of attempting the survey.
  4. The survey can only be taken by a person once using a single purchase receipt.

Everything You Need to Know About Rite Aid Store Survey

In the below section, we have mentioned the eligibility criteria for the Rite Aid store survey.

Now, here is some additional information that you should be knowing about the survey that you are going to take:

  • There is no need to physically visit a Rite Aid store to take the survey, the survey procedures can be completed online.
  • A valid receipt from an official Rite Aid store is necessary to take the survey, and the receipt must not be older than 7 days.
  • Gift vouchers can only be used inside Rite Aid stores and nowhere else.
  • The Rite Aid Corporation reserves full rights to change the terms & conditions as well as the validity of the survey gift voucher at any time.
  • Once you complete the survey, your name will be enlisted in a lucky draw to win prizes between $1000 and $100.
  • The Rite Aid store survey can only be taken in English or Spanish languages.
  • A single person can take the survey up to 3 different times in a single month using different purchase receipts.

Rite Aid Store Survey Prerequisites

Below are the prerequisite steps you need to complete prior to taking the Rite Aid store survey in 2021 to ensure that you do not face any hiccups while attempting to complete the store survey.

  • Have a receipt from any Rite Aid store that is no older than 7 days from the current date.
  • As the survey is done online, have a computer, laptop, or smart device to take the survey.
  • You also need to have a web browser installed on your device to visit the official website to take up the survey.

How to Participate in Rite Aid Store Survey 2021?

Now that you know all the details surrounding the Rite Aid store survey, let us take you through the exact steps necessary to take up and complete the Rite Aid survey for a $100 gift voucher.

  1. First of all, visit the official Rite Aid Store Survey web page at www.riteaid.com/storesurvey or by clicking here.
  2. Scroll down until you find the “Please enter your receipt code” title.
  3. Beneath this title, you will find a button labelled as “Receipt code:”. Click on this label.
  4. Now, in the text field beneath the “Receipt code:” label, enter the receipt code that is printed on the Rite Aid store receipt you have.
  5. Click on the “–>” arrow button below the text field.
  6. The web page will now verify the receipt code you entered. If the code is validated successfully, finish the questionnaire displayed on hte screen.
  7. After you finish the questionnaire, you need to provide your contact information and address as well. These details will be used to reach you in case you win the sweepstake.

And that is all. You have now successfully completed & submitted the Rite Aid store survey 2021. Good luck!

Final Words

We hope you found this article on the Rite Aid store survey in 2021 informative and easy to understand. We have covered all the important details about the sweepstake in this article.

However, in case you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask us by leaving a comment below.

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